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Name   : Julie Dostie
Location: North Miami Beach FL 
  United States
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  Nude #33
  Heavens #14
Heavens / Other / 16"x20" / 3000.00 USD

Description: Oil on canvas original art framed.

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Julie Dostie

Wisdom Wisdom a euphoria of yourself, we don't need to acquire wisdom, we only need to delight in the radiance, this wisdom is vast and ancient, flowing threw the universe, once you discover wisdom, you will elate in you, calm your mind, quiet your thoughts, release your feelings, be completely clear, a light is shinning with in you, it will leave you breathless, you are a perpetual smile, gleaming in the darkness, an infinite light without words, a loving heart is the beginning of wisdom, Awaken, sooth your mind comfort your heart, you will find healing, let your heart soar beyond the stars, change your thoughts to love, change your words to love, change your feelings to love, wisdom is love, wisdom is human nature engraved upon the heart, you are the process of wisdom, you can't receive wisdom, you already have wisdom, you don't have to search for wisdom, you are wisdom, you are only limited to your own restraints, surrender fully and willingly to the loving embrace of you, still your mind, relax and listen to you, feelings of great wisdom is in you, this wisdom flows from the depths of your heart, become whole with you, this wisdom was born with wings, a mystical brightness all inspiring, filled with unlimited peace, live from the core of your heart, there you will discover wisdom, set your heart free, wisdom an insight grand and graceful, you are the undying flight of wisdom, take flight and soar.
My name is Julie Dostie, an international self taught painter with years of experience, currently living in Miami, Florida U.S.. My passion is sharing love's energy.  I conceive ART as healing giving birth to creativity.  Creativity rejuvenates my soul establishing an inner joy and peace.  Energized with a celestial calming I am dedicated to inspiring consciousness essential for raising awareness pertaining to the healing power found in love's energy. Using a limited palette I explore and bring into being love's energy.  Love spawns my imagination giving life to my canvas.  I have no distinct style of painting with precise strokes using oils or pastels the energy of love is my composer.  Every piece is a channel for love's energy to flow and you are the nexus.  As a creative person it is my responsibility to share love knowing that in the invisible love's energy transforms all discord.  Imagination has no requirements it is the freedom of our mind and soul.  So, smile for no reason love is absolute.
* Tropic Shores, Daytona Beach, FL * Open Studio, Las Olas Blvd, FL * Columbia Library, Columbia, CT * Manchester Memorial Hospital, CT * Manchester Town Hall, Manchester, CT * Phoenixville Shop, Eastford, CT * Art Space, Hartford, CT * South Windsor Library,CT * Cheney Hall, Manchester, CT * Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT * Willimantic Street Festival, CT

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