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  Girl with Masks

ramachandran,narayanan-Green Horses
Green Horses / Painting Oil / 74x88 cm / 5000 USD


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Artist Information:
Name   : narayanan ramachandran
Location: Chennai  
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narayanan ramachandran

Artist statement "When we look at a painting, are we seeing the real thing, or an image distorted by our mind with past experience? Are we free from the psychological authority which controls our thoughts, to enable us to see without judging, understanding or comparing? Can we see with a vacant absolutely quiet mind, without words, explanations, andmemories to cloud our vision? Are we the observer or the observed? I draw in my own style the paintings in the "Third Eye Series", to achieve the effect of a mirror reflecting the unseeable, to explore and reach new depths of the soul. My paintings (my visual poetry) are the result of constant exploration and psychological experimentation to reach the sub-conscious, using colors, forms and texture. Many works have religious overtones, and deep symbolism, which will appeal to those with a religious bent of mind, though a few may appear as erotic to those taking a hypocritical moral stand. We are living in a world under constant threat of war, fear, pain, anxiety and stress and all of us want freedom from these. This will require complete stillness of the mind and choiceless awareness. I hope my paintings will help the viewers to attain freedom, spiritual liberation, joy and happiness N.Ramachandran
Artists Buzaar, Chennai,INDIA Ganpat gallery, Chennai,INDIA Art 4 u, gallery, Trivandrum, INDIA

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