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Khara,Manish-Green Forest - Tribute To Nature
Green Forest - Tribute To Nature / Painting Oil / 18 inches x 14 inches / 3300 USD

Description: A dense green forest with a mountain lion and a lake is painted. The painting is a tribute to the nature and environment. It is a tribute to preservation of plants, trees, animals, nature and environment. It is also a tribute to the efforts of reducing global warming. The painting seems to invite and uphold richness, peace, magnanimity and harmony. The painting is done in Realism and Impressionism styles. The painting is done with high quality oil colors on primed canvas stapled to a wooden frame from the sides. The size is approximately 18 inches x 14 inches with about 1.2 inch thickness or depth. The painting is signed on the back side of the canvas by its creator artist that is me. To preserve the original beauty and effects of the painting it has neither been varnished nor waxed. Pictures do not do justice to the original paintings in expressing the art. Suggestions to the buyers : These are only suggestions and not rigid rules. They buyers are requested to find out good ways of perserving such paintings themselves. To preserve the original beauty and effects the painting has not been varnished. It is suggested that the painting is stored or displayed in a completely dust free and pollution free environment. Also exposures to ultra violet light, bright light, direct sunlight, heat or extreme coldness should be avoided. The painting may be displayed behind a glass with some space between the painting surface and the glass. Such a frame or enclosure should help the painting to remain in a dust free and pollution free environment. Some holes or openings should be present in the back of such frame or enclosure to let the painting "breathe". Exposures to direct sun light, bright light and ultra violet or uv light should be avoided. Exposure to Fluorescent light, halogen light, direct sunlight or bright lights should be avoided. Incandescent light is the best. Mild light is okay. If the light source emits heat then it should be placed so far away that the heat will not reach the painting. Humidity levels should be normal. Too humid is bad for the painting. Too cold or too hot is bad for your painting. Normal temperature is suggested. Do not store or display your painting in complete darkness or very bright light. Dust free storage and display of the painting is a must. These are some suggestions. The buyers are advised to get authentic advices on storage and display of such paintings.

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Artist Information:
Name   : Manish Khara
Location: Mumbai  
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Manish Khara

Name : Manish D Khara A Brief Introduction : I am a connoisseur of art and a very good artist. I have been creating paintings, my exquisite works of art for more than 22 years now. Scenes of Nature, Natural Objects, Nature, Objects, Representation of abstract art in objects, Still Life and portraits are my favorite subjects for painting. I usually create my artworks with acrylic on paper, water colors on paper, oil on canvas and acrylic on canvas. My paintings are of exclusive and exceptional kind. The beauty, imagination, expression, individuality, colors, shades and art work as well as harmonious synthesis make my paintings rare ones. Detailed Introduction : I am an engineer and a computer software project manager educated in U.S.A. and India. I am a software professional and a businessman. Education : M.S.E. in Computer and Information Science from University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, U.S.A. [1987] B.Tech. (Honors) in Computer Science and Engineering from the reputed Indian Institute of Technology, India. Training : I have been trained from my very high school days in the art of paintings by renowned artists and painters of India. I have taken private classes and over years I have been trained in creating super fine professional quality plus level pieces of arts by various good artists. Profession : With over 18 years of experience in the computer software field I have resigned as Head of Software Development to start my own business. My love for art was a part of the reason that I have now started my own business. Now I can devote more time to my passion of creating art works, namely paintings. Over past year I am able to devote a lot of time for creating paintings and works of arts. I plan to continue giving a lot of time for creating art works at present and in future. Objective : The successful professional and businessman has decided to sell some of his works of art at appropriate and low prices to the International Art Lovers and the Art Collectors. It is my desire that my works of art be preserved by the community of genuine connoisseurs of art, art lovers and art collectors of the world. This is the primary reason why I am now selling some of my creations of arts, namely paintings at reasonably low prices to genuine art and paintings buyers. My paintings are of exclusive and exceptional kind and are very good creations of art.
Manish has been creating paintings, his exquisite works of art for more than 22 years now. Scenes of Nature, Natural Objects, Nature, Objects, Representation of abstract art in objects, Still Life, landscapes and portraits are his favorite subjects for painting. His styles include impressionism, realism, representational, surrealism, abstract art, art deco and expressionism among many others. Styles of his art works are similar to that of Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso. Manish usually creates his artworks with acrylic on paper, water colors on paper, oil on canvas and acrylic on canvas. Manish's paintings are of exclusive and exceptional kind. The unique beauty, imagination, expression, individuality, specific and unique combinations of colors, shades and art works as well as harmonious synthesis make his paintings rare ones. Manish expresses himself through the art with the usage of concepts in images, representations, colors and shade combinations, tones, glazing, matt and layered effects, pallet knife work, subtle handwork and variations and harmonious synthesis of colors and images in paintings. He also delivers his message through paintings, objects and images in the paintings, obvious and subtle selections of and variations in colors, shades and tones.

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