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Name   : Raffaele Cesaro
Location: Milan  
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Dormouse / Other / 140x140 / Not For Sale

Description: Dormouse. Made ​​with dry pigment and soft pastels on canvas. The white of the subject corresponds to the purity and the black of the background, represents all the difficulty of life that the subject has to face.

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Raffaele Cesaro

My interest in art has always been in the Great Masters. Rembrandt and Caravaggio are masters of light, of drama and of emotion. I share their philosophy concerning integrity and authenticity, and as experienced practitioners of life and tradition, they continue to teach me their craft. I believe there will be a paradigm shift in these uncertain times back to the clarity of the wisdom of the Old Masters; in essence, a renaissance of beauty. Polonius in William Shakespeare's Hamlet articulated my guiding principal: "This above all: to Thine Own Self Be True." Thus I have followed Robert Frost's Road Not Taken, the road, for me, in the shadow of the Great Masters, shunning the easy road. I hope you will understand my philosophy of painting - why I chose my subjects and how I chose to depict each of them. The common thread throughout is that each is benefiting the world in some way. I also hope the paintings offer you a moment of reflection on a very personal level.
You will make the figures in this document, which is sufficient to show that the figure has soul, otherwise your art will not be praiseworthy. . The good painter has to paint two main things, namely the man and the concept of his mind. The first is easy, the second difficult to figure why hast thou with gestures and movements of the limbs.
Work in progress

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