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Hodak,Boris-Genetic Birth of Venus
Genetic Birth of Venus / Painting Oil / 35x25cm / $2000,00 USD

Description: (Hommage to Salvador Dali), oil on cardboard-varnished, 35Hx25w cm, 2000.

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  Stairways to Lost Paradise

Artist Information:
Name   : Boris Hodak
Location: Sarajevo  
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Boris Hodak

BORIS HODAK - ARTIST Hyper-sensible interpreter of our fears and desires. I was born on 1970. in Sarajevo and I am still living in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I started to paint 1993. Those early paintings were made in realism manner, in oil technique. I graduated at The Academy of Fine Arts (ALU), Sarajevo 2001. In those years I was working on definition of my style and exploring within graphic techniques, sculpture and painting. I have participated in several group exhibitions. Nowadays I am mostly working with oil painting and photo collage in combination with oil and acrylic interventions.
SURREALISTIC PICTURE & DREAMS Surrealistic picture do not represent profound and planed structure, thus it represents the highest level of randomness, occurrence and irrationality, because it is originated on the other side of visual reality, in the complex labyrinths of sub consciousness. I use the sources from sub consciousness, dreams, hallucinations, incidence and fantasy. Sub conscious is the key element in the surrealistic scheme of picture. Atelier looks like alchemic chamber-producer of souls or soul seeker. It is, really, a Prustic chamber with cork-coated walls that allows "flowing" of the consciousness in the sense of pure transcendence. In that kind of room the soul could be "caught" in the pure form, without admixtures from external world. The painting becomes real demonstration of flow of the consciousness. And finally it is possible to catch that something, which with some other painting approach cannot be caught. Surrealist approach to the painting is serious and deep. Surrealism engages itself in philosophy, in spontaneous story. It recognizes poetry as a very important category of its expression. That is why surrealism represents deeper grasp into life and its secrets. Surreality can be contained in reality and vice versa. There is osmosis between reality and surreality, an endless border of mystery, capable to excite us with very alive intensity of the most distant and the most excited magical achievements. Surreality not only as a mean for revealing the waste of consciousness which serves as a "corrosive waters", and not only as a mean of annulment of illusions of rational reality, but as mean of once-again unity of conscious and unconscious territory of experience, so completely that world of dreams and fantasy is united with everyday divided world in absolute reality-surreality. I explore connection between dreams and unconscious mind, because dream represents a little hidden door into the deepest and the most secret corners of psyche. Dream could be dreamt off in sleep or reality. Sleeping mind gives us, seemingly privileged channel of communication with "hidden images" of unconscious mind. Strange symbols, unreal references, condensed and dislocated events and objects have characterized this communication. You can let dream to stay in its full clarity, so it can be manifests like that, or we can include symbols and their meaning. Paintings should be something like voyage into dreams, ennobled with poetry, so that we can feel oniric power. Anything that comes to my consciousness materializes in me. It becomes the land of dreams, something halfway between a fairy-tale and nightmare. I am occupy with reconstruction of dream world, so in that way I can explore human sexuality (fears, obsessions, desires.) - pictures like witnesses of real neuroses or obsessions. Pictures like body projections, expression of subjectivity and our inner world - the world of collisions and conflicts with external objective reality. "What we see, is not in things, it is in our soul." (Male Branche) At the end, everything depends from our power to willingly hallucinate. The surfaces of the real world are to be explored with minute attention to detail in order to reveal "a secret world, a new aspect". We have to try to invent new poetic metaphors for turbulent end fragmented post-modern age. Our world "A place of decay . related to our culture." (Lehndorff) Self-destruction - we have to, openly, confront with dark side of our nature, fears and irrationalities. Desire for transformation, to invent us again, to be closer to perfection.
Recent exhibitions: -Little Form Exhibition (HKD Napredak) Sarajevo, 2004. -Collegium Artisticum (ULUBiH) Sarajevo, 2005.

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