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Name   : Rose Enderud
Location: Auburn CA 
  United States
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Enderud,Rose-Babbling Brook
Babbling Brook / Painting Oil / 9 inches x 12 inches / 75 USD

Description: One of the places in my head

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Rose Enderud

My name is Rose Enderud. I was born in Oregon in 1950. We moved to Los Angles when I was 5. Then moved around Northern California and Nevada here and there until 1960. We settled in a town of less than 100, Washington, Ca. on the Yuba river for 10 years. In Washington I had the unique experience of attending a one room school with grades 1-8 in the same classroom. I attended grades 4-8 there. The older students helped teach the younger students. So I learned early to share my knowledge and abilities. High school was in a nearby town, 20 miles away. I was married early, 15. I had my son at 16, my daughter at 19. I raised my children with the help of my mother, not exactly a one parent household but no father around. We moved from Washington to nearby Grass Valley. Where I went to work for an electonics firm at 22. I stayed there until my children were on thier own. Then I just up and quit at 40. I was not sure myself why, mid-life crisis I guess. The following spring I broke an ankle and was off my feet for 6 months. When I was able to work again, I took a live in job caring for a disabled women. I have been working with the elderly or disabled ever since. Financially it is not as rewarding, but I would not change it. At 40 I became a grandmother. I now have 2 grandchildren, 3 step grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild. I started painting about at around 45. Trying to get my art seen was what brought me to the internet. I visited someone locally to get help with a website. I was so green, I could not answer the questions he asked me. So I went and bought a "For Dummys" book. By the time I finished reading I could design a webpage myself, with the help of Netscape. So I got my pages designed and up. Then I had to figure out how to get them seen. That is when I got sidetracked. I could not afford to buy advertising so I had to earn it. Naturally I saw ads for every kind of program under the sun, and got sidetracked by a few. In 2000 I caught a virus called Gillians Barrette. Within 48 hours I was hospitalized with total paralysis. Lucky, it is something you can recover from. During my two month hospital stay I experienced daily miracles. The therapist would help me move something. It would be like my muscles just needed to be shown to remember what to do. Then I would stay up all night practicing. I had worked at night so my days and nights were turned around. After a year I was able to go back to work. When I got out of the hospital. The things I had built up on the net had mostly disappeared. I have bounced around with different things. Now, I think I have come full circle. I want to pursue the art and programs that will help others succeed. Currently I live a little farther down the mountain in Auburn, Ca. I take care of a woman who is a quadraplagic due to an accident.
I enjoy my painting. My pictures are created from my minds eye. I have often been told that particular paintings remind them of someplace familiar. I seem to have a natural flair for the use of color.
I have an online forum that starts with an exhibit of my work. It is also used to give other artist a chance to show their work. http://community.adlandpro.com/forums/thread/423695.aspx To show your work, you need to be a member of Adlandpro. Membership is free. http://www.adlandpro.com/Default.aspx?rep=renderud

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