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Good SicwerkStudio Backbay Studio Clyo Studio,Tara-Whisper
Whisper / Mixed Media / 48" x 48" / $2,500.00 USD

Description: On sale at Metals & Paint Savannah, Ga 912-234-7744

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Artist Information:
Name   : Tara Good SicwerkStudio Backbay Studio Clyo Studio
Location: Sea Isle City  
  United States
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Tara Good SicwerkStudio Backbay Studio Clyo Studio

Born: 1970 New Jersey, USA Tara Good lived across the United States and in the Dominican Republic, currently living in Sea Isle City, NJ. At the age of 15, Good won the Congressional Award for a photo-realistic drawing that was featured in the United States Capitol Building for one year. She has studied at Parson's in NYC, The California College of the Arts and Crafts in Oakland, Ca and at Altos De Chavon in the Dominican Republic. Good was one of The Top Five to Collect in Savannah, Ga. and continued to win numerous awards for her work when she lived down South. Then she moved back to New Jersey and had her work in several TV shows & movies. After relocating, serious health issues plagued Good. Still, this artist continues to paint graffiti on a textured wall, focusing her lens on how mankind has impacted nature's environment. Using acrylic, mica, watercolors, gouache, ink, and century old bits of text & images, Good focuses her lens on what is "ugly beautiful" in our ever changing modern world by utilizing her camera, computer, and printing stencils that are then hand cut, by the artist, and finally incorporated into so many paintings. As of 2021, Good's work can be seen throughout the South Jersey Shore; in numerous restaurants and stores. She has expanded her work using the ancient way of painting with encaustic wax. She continues to evolve her work with an expansive knowledge of combining pigments, mica, and glass into her wax recipe creating unique colors and interesting surfaces. This continues her focus on the environment around her, the coastline, the environment, and charity work. * * "I'm very concerned with the American Artist's struggle. Galleries are closing down (due to covid pandemic) in record numbers, the oldest art league in the country (Cape May County Art League) has closed permanently. Im striving to help locate space for artist, at all levels, to get eyes on their work! This is my time to give back to the beautiful, wonderful, incredible area (Cape May County) which has helped me for so long. It feels like this has happened overnight and will take quite a while to recover. Very much like Leukemia, this will take patience, tolerance, and understanding. Now its all about legacy. Leaving more than I was afforded," Ms. Good states.
After children, battling leukemia, and living with crippling health issues, I still create work and explore new mediums. I say "new," but encaustic wax has been around since the approximately 5th century. I've created a mixture of beeswax, resin, pigments, and other hardeners that will encapsulate the materials I either create or find. This will preserve the work. The dichotomy of the ever changing environment, frozen in wax, to last forever. My current work is meant to haunt the viewer, with memories of summers long gone bye. I want the viewer to create their own story for each piece. Some work is a mirror to the viewer's experience, a token that they were there. Some collections are experimental (2015-2019) learning all over again, with childlike wonder; anchoring the current work in the foundation of simple chemistry, limited natural resources, and of course (my signature) mica. I was in the right place, with the right work that people were willing to pay thousands for. Lightning in a bottle stuff. That moment most Artist's dream of. I know I'm that dark horse, who comes from outta nowhere, but there were things I missed, like giving back in other ways. Not just donating work for charities. Now its that time in my life and I'll help whoever I can to realize their passion. Like so many who helped me, especially from where I'm from...Sea Isle City (Townsend's Inlet) New Jersey
Current work on display at: Rick's Sea Isle City, NJ SJMA CMCH, NJ Modo Mio Sea Isle City, NJ Armadillo Avalon, NJ Il Posto Avalon, NJ Artwork previously @ Chasen Gallery SC circa 2007 Cape May County Art League (America's oldest art league) Cape May, NJ circa 1989 Fogle Fine Art Jacksonville, FL circa 2004-2013 Accent Gallery Ocean City, NJ circa 2005-2014 William Ris Gallery Stone Harbor, NJ circa 2005- 2014 Sande Webster Gallery Philadelphia, PA circa 2005-2014 Several group shows including (but not limited to) Art Saves Lives (10/14-11/4 circa 2010) "Art in the City" group show 8/4-8/27 2008 Metals & Paint Savannah, GA circa 2003-2005 Featured artist The Starlander Savannah, GA "*New Work" 10/2003 "*Interior Miracles" 8/6-8/30 *single artist's show 3rd Floor Gallery Savannah, GA Group Show 2003 Telfair juried Art Fair group show second place award 11/2003 Again in 11/2004 Dia De LA Raza curated by Hilda & Jose Ettedgui 10/9/2004 group show of featured artist/benefit for Patron of the Hearts charity Accent Gallery Abstract Landscapes (featured artist) 10/21-10/29 2011 Gallery RoCa Harve de Grace, MD Oil & Dust (5 select artist show) 2006 (date/show to best of artist memory, may vary slightly) High Street Gallery Millville, NJ The Prodical Show (single artist show) 8/6-8/30 2004 Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts Millville, NJ group show circa 2005 Azalealand Nusing Home Mural work/mica faux finished walls Savannah, GA Media/Press: "Dead Body Found" (Art dept) currently ongoing feature film from E. B. Hughes "Extreme Makeover" Home Edition SO2E20/Harvey Family (donated artwork for project) "Getting to know Us" Feature film (artwork) Press of Atlantic City "Extreme Artistry" section B pages 1 & B1 Millville News "Leesburg Artist has work on TV" front page & section A2 Savannah Morning News "Eroding Faith" section L 7 & 11 Savannah Morning News "Artful Shimmer" section L 6 & 9 Ocean City Sentinel "Artwork in the House" section C 1 & 8 Primtime Magazine "The Season Begins" page 2 Arbus Magazine "Fall Arts Issue" September/October issue 2004 page 9 Omega Muse,LLC "The Possibility of Art" Bryn Mawr, PA Sea Isle Times 2015 summer issue page 31 Artist's Studios: SICWERKSTUDIO (2011- present day) Sea Isle City, NJ BackBay Studio I & II (2007-2010) Leesburg, NJ Clyo Studio (2002-2005 Clyo, GA) Tara Good has always been in a creative environment. Like many, her early years included work that isn't readily accepted by many. Good modeled/acted since age 15. She continues to support the dramatic arts, to this very day, helping independent film makers, hospitals, and businesses. Creativity is never far from her reach. Movies/tv/print includes (but not limited to) Ice Scream Genoveso Films/Derek Zemrak /Longwoods Gardens commercial Chia Pet commercial (Looney Toons edition) /City of Angels angel in library /Copy Cat sitting next to serial killer during during lecture/ many Bay Area student films and even many more commercials & films. Good is now retired from acting and is currently working with E.B.Hughes film Dead Body Found (working title 2022) "It's all about taking something, figuring out how it works, doing it (taking risks,) and having another see it, care for it, and this is from cooking to painting. Passion will drive the artist to create something from many things, completing it with their touch. Thats what makes an artist, to me" Good states.

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