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Name   : Luis Athouguia
Location: Parede  
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  Final Cerimony
  Running Territories
Athouguia,Luis-Blows the wind
Blows the wind / Pastel / 70x50 / "Request Price"

Description: Post Surreal Abstraction

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Luis Athouguia

Luis Athouguia was born in Portugal in 1953. He has Certification in Arts and Design by IADE, Lisbon. He exhibits since 1983, in more than two hundred important events.
"... His painting reveals a search for interior and exterior signs, in constant dialogue between light and matter, between the voices of the soul and the almost carnal forms that seem to inhabit some of his paintings as living and autonomous organisms. Throughout all his work passes, in unmistakable tones, an expressed wish or an uncontained dream of freedom and harmony, that echoes in all of us." "In the intimacy of his work... the minimum gesture reflects a personal religion or healthy skepticism and a fragile equilibrium in the stroke that defines the frisson of his own vertiginous life, and is an eternal rebirth to the daily exercise of meditation, as in gestured Zen... evoking, in the symbolism of his wise strokes, the memory of the gothic mirages of Manuelism in search of those spiritual Indias where, in vortexes of light, is sighted the hope of redemption..." "They are pathetic pilgrimages through oneiric, erotic and sentimental landscapes, an almost obsessive fascination by the curvilinear escape, alluding to a deliberately interminable spatiality. ". The solitary grandness of the interior landscapes drapes itself in capricious forms that the prodigious luxuriousness of sensibility and imagination creates, a bit each day, a bit in each work." "... Pieces of dreams, gardens for our eyes to wander in, obscure remembrances, intermittent illuminations, fugitive words, windows of his soul, his natural breathing... Luis' painting is encounter and divergence, a certain dose of solitude, an echo, a tenuous bridge, the light of dawn, the discreet undulating of the sea in the landscape dryness, the border between yesterday and today, a journey project."
One-Person Exhibitions Galeria Sao Mamede, Lisbon - Pacos do Concelho, Ponta Delgada - Galeria Velasquez, Valladolid - Galeria Maria Lebre, Tomar - Galeria Escudeiros, Beja - Casa Vieira Guimaraes, Tomar - Galeria de Fitares, Sintra - Galeria Pepper's, Caldas da Rainha - Galeria de Arte do Barreiro - Galeria 4 Montras, Viseu - Galeria de Arte de Abrantes - Fabrica das Artes, Torres Vedras - Galeria de Arte de Albufeira - Capela da Misericordia em Sines - Centro Cultural de Lagos - Museu de Electricidade, Lisbon - Convento de S. Jose, Lagoa - Palacio Pombal, IADE, Lisbon - Museu Martins Correia, Golega - Galeria Artur Bual, Pacos do Concelho da Amadora - Galeria C T T, Lisbon - Galeria BCN Art Direct, Barcelona - MAC Movimento de Arte Contemporanea, Lisbon. Some Collective Exhibitions MAC Movimento de Arte Contemporanea, Lisbon - Galeria S. Mamede, Lisbon - Galeria Potthoff, Lisbon - Galeria 65 A, Lisbon - Galeria Conventual, Alcobaca - Galeria Arthouse, Cascais - Quinta das Cruzadas, Sintra - Galeria Fitares, Sintra - Galeria LCR, Sintra - Galeria Iosephus, Lisbon - Die Galerie, Ericeira - Galeria Fabrica das Artes, T. Vedras - Galeria Colicas, Ponte do Rol - Galeria Pedra do Guilhim, Nazare - Galeria Piramide, Lisbon - Galeria Ler Devagar, Lisbon - Galeria Linhares, Lisbon - Espaco Pedralvas, Lisbon - Marea Negra "Prestige", Recinto Ferial de Pontevedra, Espanha - Centro Cultural de Belem, Lisbon - Centro Cultural da Nazare - Galeria Pedro Sem, Lisbon - Galeria Mare d'Arte, Carvoeiro - Galeria BCN Art Direct, Barcelona - Unesco Palace, Beirut, Libano - Museu Regional de Sintra - Museu de Electricidade, Lisbon - Palacio Foz, Lisbon - Palacio da Independencia, Lisbon - Museu de Arte Sacra, Alcochete - Convento de Cristo, Tomar - Convento da Graca, T. Vedras - Convento de S. Francisco, Monsaraz. Biennials of V. Nova de Cerveira, Cascais, Sabugal, Gois, Avante, Nazare, Alentejo e Montijo.

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