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Caulfield,Tony-unheard lament towards a sky full of kirsticons
unheard lament towards a sky full of kirsticons / Painting Acrylic / 210x297 millimeters / $385.00 USD

Description: Original; signed "Tony Kremp". To buy and/or for further info please mail: art@kirsticon.com. For an online exhibition of more original paintings by Tony Caulfield f.k.a. Tony Kremp please visit: http://www.kirsticon.com/art-tony_caulfield.htm

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  lysergic acid diethylamide

Artist Information:
Name   : Tony Caulfield
Location: c/o Kirsticon Enterprises Otterbach  
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Tony Caulfield

Born Tony Kremp on May 6th 1974, in Germany. Changed his name to Tony Caulfield when the time to pick a screen name had come. The paintings exhibited here and @ http://www.kirsticon.com/art-tony_caulfield.htm were created in the years before Tony's acting career started and are signed with his birth name. Tony Caulfield starred in the upcoming movies 'Evil Knights', 'Accept', 'Slayer'... Tony's official web site http://www.tonycaulfield.com will go online sometime in 2004.
Tony Caulfield about his art: "I'd always loved to paint as a kid. It's a great way to express your feelings and to access your own subconscious and learn about yourself. But I never pursued painting as part of my artistic career before, I think 1998, 99. There had been many things going on in my life back then and the years before. I was inspired by that. It was great showing them [the paintings] to the public. I got the whole spectrum of reactions, from people being absolutely amazed and loving the work, to people literally running out, some laughing, some in shock. It's great to see paintings can still evoke such emotions."
'Nemesifications' September - October 1999 ArTec - Art & Business Park, Germany

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