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eccleston,andy-spindrift 0024
spindrift 0024 / Photography / 88.9cm x 88.9cm / please request price

Description: a genesis photographic print of the inside of a cor anglais. it is 1 of a series of 16, from an original hardcopy edition of only 2 [1 of which being purely for temporary exhibition purposes] the "spindrift" image-series came about from having read a press article concerning the potential disbanding of the halle orchestra [uk], because of insufficient funds. this inspired the notion of enacting a quasi-forensic study upon the death of an orchestra. the series is precursive of a future video/sound installation, which will take the viewer on a vortical roller-coaster ride through the guts of the orchestra-engine. it will reveal the plethora of different breath-originated textures and colours, which form within musical instruments through detrition. miniature endomorphic inscapes never before reconnoitered, have been visually recorded and exposed for the first time. an aerospace boroscopic imaging system - normally used to detect anomalies in inaccessible areas of jet engines - was used to make the images.

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Artist Information:
Name   : andy eccleston
Location: sheffield  
  United Kingdom
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andy eccleston

biography available soon
lens-based media artist [sheffield, uk] professional practitioner for over 17 years. exhibited internationally. my work is the product of a consummate interest in building bridges of demystification between the arts and sciences, through collaboration and exploration of the creative potential of scientific imaging & sonic technologies
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