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Name   : Mike Ebrahimi
Location: San Diego CA 
  United States
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  Art of Seduction
Ebrahimi,Mike-Heaven's Gate
Heaven's Gate / Painting Acrylic / 36" x 36" / 42000 USD

Description: "Heaven's Gate" was created in the summer of 2004. Taking over 400 hours to complete, this piece represents Ebrahimi's concep-tualization of the eternal struggle mankind faces with respect to religion, faith, and the soul. Whether it's Christianity, Judaism, or the Islamic faith, people across the world battle with determinations of right and wrong, good and bad, and moral and immoral, in the ultimate attempt to rest in heaven in the afterlife. Although the various world religions have different views on how this goal is realized, they all agree that there is a key to heaven's gate.

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Mike Ebrahimi

The vast majority of my artwork is modern/contemporary. I tend to use acrylic paints in most of my paintings, although I do use oil as well. I particularly like using acrylic because of the ease of use and rapid drying time. I also like the wide array of textures that can be added to acrylic paints. With the exception of my earlier realistic art, I exclusively use frameless stretched canvases. I have always been moved by the beauty of women, and have attempted to capture this beauty in many of my series of paintings. My most recent series of paintings was the "Sexy" series, which was very well-received by people. The "Sexy" series was originally intended to be a 5-painting series, but I received so many requests for more Sexy series paintings that I added a part 2, which consists of an additional 5 paintings. I am currently working on 3 new series of paintings that I am extremely excited about-more information about which will be announced in the coming weeks. I grew up in Los Angeles, California until the age of 20, when I moved to San Diego, California for college. I double-majored in political science and sociology, and double minored in liberal arts and psychology. After graduating from the University of California San Diego, I went to law school at the University of San Diego. My interest in art goes back as far as I could remember. At 13-years-old, my mother put me in an after-school art class where I was taught the basics of painting. During the short period I attended art classes, I was exclusively exposed to realistic and classic art, which did not interest me very much. I created my first abstract painting by the time I was 15. Since then I have explored several styles of art, including Post-Modern, Abstract, Expressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, Realism, and Pop-Art, as well as a combination of them. Website: www.EbrahimiCreations.com
Mike Ebrahimi is a world-renown artist whose paintings have been featured in a host of venues and publications. His paintings styles include Post-Modern, Abstract, Expressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, Realism, and Pop-Art, as well as a combination of them. Website: www.EbrahimiCreations.com

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