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Sterzenbach,Heinz-Cranium of a Death on a Wooden Block
Cranium of a Death on a Wooden Block / Drawing / / 390 USD

Description: Cranium of a Death on a Wooden Block, Pencil, 24,4x18,7 inch, 1987.

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Artist Information:
Name   : Heinz Sterzenbach
Location: Berlin  
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Heinz Sterzenbach

Curriculum Vitae of the artist 1941 Heinz Sterzenbach born in Marialinden in Rheinisch- Bergischer Kreis. Influenced by his parents (mother: musician, father: painter, teacher) 1958 - 1961 Apprenticeship as an electrician in a paper factory; 1961 - 1963 Technician /Electrotechnician ; 1963 - 1966 Engineer-studies in Cologne with Master`s degree in engineering, Cologne 1966 - 1969 Working as an electric engineer in Paris. In free time painting of landscapes in oil on canvas and drawings of "Paris types" 1969 - 1972 Commercial and Technical manager in Berlin; 1972 Product manager in Dusseldorf; 1972 - 1976 Art- and Pedagogical studies at Pedagogic High School in Berlin (PH, now HdK) with second degree of state; 1976 - 1998 Probationer, Professorship of French language; 1980 - 1998 Living and working as teacher (Art and French) on the island Scharfenberg on Tegel Lake, Berlin. Various travels to Italy, France, USA, Ireland, Canariy Islands, Sinai, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Kenia, Sri Lanka, Russia, Scandinavia Coutries, Poland, Brasil, Caribian Islands, etc; 1988 - 1992 Participation at the Cultural Workshops of the "Bund Deutscher Kunsterzieher"(BDK) ("Association of German Art teachers") in Umbria / Italy Since 1989 Collaboration with the Circle "Decentral Culture Work" in Berlin-Reinickendorf Since 1990 Collaboration and 2. chairman of the group "Berliner Architekturmaler" ("Berlin Architectur art Painters") Since 1991 Own Studio in the former tram depot of Alt-Heiligensee 73-75 Since 1997 Gallery Sterzenbach Internet "http://www.sterzenbach.de" Memberships: 1974 - 1994 Member of the "Neue Gesellschaft fur Bildende Kunst" (NGBK) ("New Society of Art"); Since 1974 Member of the "Bund Deutscher Kunsterzieher" (BDK) ("Association of German Art teachers"); Since 1993 Member of the "Berufsverband Bildender Kunstler(BBK) ("Professional Association of Artists");
Sterzenbach is a painter who creates realistic views of Berlin and its surroundings as well as figurativ, abstract and surrealistic pictures: self-willed dream figures (men, animals, sculptures, rock formations, etc.). Strange and bewitched creatures come into existence, which defy description. Theese magical, surrealistic images have a suggestive effect on the spectator. By different techniques like frottage, decalcomany, imprimitation etc. structures come into existence, which Sterzenbach assembles into fantasy figures, without having an exact imagination of what is emerging. It is quite a different world where you have to engage in as a spectator.
Ausstellungen (Auswahl) 1985 Dorschule Heiligensee Kleine Werkstatt-Galerie, Hermsdorf 1988 Galerie Eylau `5, Berlin-Kreuzberg Rathaus-Galerie, Berlin-Spandau "Unsere Altstadt heute" (G) Rathaus-Galerie, Berlin-Reinickendorf " Gesehen-Empfunden" - Dalldorfer 88 (G) 1989 Heimatmuseum Reinickendorf Kunstkeller Kreuzberg Airport-Galerie Flugafen, Berlin-Tegel 1990 Galerie am Havelufer, Berlin-Kladow Galerie Kusian, Berlin-Reinickendorf (G) Hermann-Ehlers-Akademie Berlin Kulturkreis Siemens, Siemenswerder Senator fur Bau- u. Wohnungswesen (G) 1991 Centre Culturel Francais de Wedding Kommunale Galerie Steglitz und Stadtbucherei Steglitz, Berlin-Steglitz Galerie "Haus der Kleinen Kunste", Berlin-Spandau Kongresshalle, Berlin-Tiergarten (G) 1992 Galerie am Havelufer, Berlin-Kladow "725 Jahre Kladow" (G) Airport-Galerie Flughafen, Berlin-Tegel 1993 Die Pumpe, Berlin-Tiergarten "Berliner Kneipen, Restaurants u. Cafes" Allianz-Versicherung Berlin Galerie Fredericus, Berlin-Charlottenburg 1994 Humboldt-Bibliothek, Berlin-Tegel St. Paul-Kirche, Berlin-Wedding Galerie im Hinterhof, Berlin-Spandau Rathaus-Galerie, Berlin-Reinickendorf "Ein Stuck Rusland in Berlin" (G) Rathaus-Galerie, Berlin-Schoneberg Rathaus-Galerie, Berlin-Charlottenburg 1995 Ev. Bildungswerk Berlin - Haus der Kirche Galerie Kleine Weltlaterne, Berlin-Wilmersdorf Bernauer 111 , Berlin-Wedding "Berliner Kirchen" Ausstellungszentrum am Fernsehturm (G) "Berlin-Mitte" Galerie Jacob Kohnert, Berlin-Charlottenburg 1996 Cafe im Literaturhaus, Berlin-Charlottenburg Galerie im Steigenberger, Berlin-Charlottenburg Kirche am Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin-Tempelhof Pauluskirche Zehlendorf Hotel Berlin, Berlin-Tiergarten Robert Koch-Institut, Berlin-Wedding Krankenhaus am Urban, Berlin-Kreuzberg Berliner Panoptikum, Berlin-Charlottenburg "Ausfluge in Berlin-Phantasie und Realitat" (G) Rathaus-Galerie 2000, Berlin- Wilmersdorf 1997 Robert Koch-Institut, Wedding Galerie im Steigenberger, Berlin-Schoneberg IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG, B-Charlottenburg Galerie im Kulturhaus Spandau Galerie im Humboldt-Krankenhaus, Berlin-Tegel Universitatsklinikum Benjamin Franklin, B-Steglitz 1998 Natur & Kultur e.V. LabSaal Lubars Humboldt-Bibliothek, Berlin-Tegel ZAR Zentrum fur ambulante Rehabilitation, Mitte Reitparkanlage Stolpe Galerie im Fontane-Haus, Berlin-Wittenau (G "Bilder und Skulpturen aus der Mark Brandenburg " ( Auf den Spuren von Fontane") 1999 Dominikus Krankenhaus GmbH, Berlin-Hermsdorf G.M.A.C. Berlin, Grand Marche (G), Berlin-Mitte BB-Kapitalbeteiligungsges. mbH, B-Tiergarten Berliner Dom, Kaiserliches Treppenhaus, B-Mitte Ev. Bildungswerk, Berlin-Charlottenburg 2000 IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG (G) Deutsche Bank AG, Private Banking Center Immanuel-Krankenhaus GmbH, Wannsee Rathaus Zehlendorf (G) 2001 Krankenhaus Reinickendorf - o.B. Humboldt-K. Centre Bagatelle, Frohnau 2002 Daimler-Chrysler Berlin-Reinickendorf Vivantes Humboldt-Klinikum Berlin-Reinickendorf Humboldt-Bibliothek Berlin-Tegel Universitatsklinikum Benjamin Franklin, Berlin-Steglitz 2003 Vivantes Humboldt-Klinikum Berlin-Reinickendorf Martin-Luther-Krankenhaus Berlin-Wilmersdorf Schulfarm Insel Scharfenberg (G) Kunstzentrum Tegel-Sud, Berlin-Tegel (G) 2004 Immanuel-Krankenhaus GmbH, Berlin-Wannsee Robert Koch-Institut, Berlin-Wedding Burgerhaus Overath (Kulturforum Overath / Koln) 9. Freie NordBerliner Kunstausstellung, Berlin-Lubars (G) Kunstzentrum Tegel-Sud, Berlin-Tegel (G) as well as numerous exhibitions (about 200) in municipal and private institutions mostly as a single-exhibition, if not qualified as a groop-exhibition (G). Also periodic participation at the exhibitions of the "Berliner Architekturmaler" ("Berlin Architectur art Painters"), at the FBK "Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung" (Free Berlin Art Exhibition") since 1988, and at the "Freie Nordberliner Kunstausstellung" (Free North-Berlin Art Exhibition"), since 1989. Virtuel exhibitions 24 hours per day in the "Online Gallery Sterzenbach" (http://www.gallery-sterzenbach.com), as well as numerous national and international online galleries

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