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Name   : Pavel Veshchev
Location: Sankt-Petersburg  
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Sky / Pastel / 60x50cm / 1500 Evro


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Pavel Veshchev

Born: Nijeny Novgorod, Russia, 1962. Studies: Nizhniy Novgorod, Art school, 1973-1977. Nizhniy Novgorod, Lobachevsky University, 1979-1984. Muhin Art Institute of St.-Petersburg, 1987-1990. * Member of fund "Free Culture", since 1990. * Member of fund "Free Artists", since 1995. * Member of Union of Artists of Russia, since 1996. Participated in exhibitions: in Tallinn, Narva, Moscow, Nizhni Novgorod, St.-Petersburg, Paris, Arhus, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Bonn, Kusihirou, Kingston, Copenhagen, Leipzig, and London. More than 100 exhibitions.
The Works of P. Veshchev are interesting not only in themselves, -art critic H. Grigoriants comments, - that is, without question but again and again they allow us to reflect on the essence of art in general and about the special characteristic of modern art in particular. Here there is everything debate between form and formlessness expressed in his figurative style. He displays originality in his very individual choice of colors. There is a luminescence distinguishing many of his works akin only to the works of the old masters. In the eyes of the beholder they appear to belong equally to the end of the 20-th century and the most ancient culture. One of the motives of his creative work is to get to the heart of both the past and the future, to illustrate both the process and meaning of his subject. To sum it all up, he is an artist portraying truth."
Some exhibitions: 1984 Personal exhibition at University by N. I. Lobachevsky , N. Novgorod, Russia 1989 Exhibition in a Central exhibition hall, St.-Petersburg, Russia 1990 First Biennaly of Modern Art ", House of international exhibitions, St.-Petersburg, Russia "A Festival of galleries ", Manege, St.-Petersburg, Russia Exhibition both auction " Leningrad - tradition and reorganization ", hotel Druot, Paris, France "Of the Unique graphic ", gallery "Intermezzo", Arhus, Denmark 1991 Exhibition the graphic, gallery "GEDOK", Hamburg, Germany 1992 Personal exhibition, gallery "Leopold", Hamburg, Germany Personal exhibition, gallery " Edvard day ", Kingston, Canada 1993 "6 artists from Europe ", gallery "Hels", Copenhagen, Denmark, "A Modern auto portrait ", Manege, St.-Petersburg, Russia 1994 "A Modern collection and bank ", Manege, St.-Petersburg, Exhibition in Kusihirou, Hokkaido, Japan 1995 International Biennaly of modern art, St.-Petersburg, Russia Exhibition in Bonn, Germany, 1997 "All St. Petersburg ", Manege , St.-Petersburg, Russia 1998 Exhibition, gallery "Noname in art ", Rotterdam, Holland Exhibition in a Manege , St.-Petersburg, Russia Exhibition in gallery "Shop of the artist ", St.-Petersburg, Russia 1999 Christmas exhibition, Chesmensky Palace, St.-Petersburg, Russia " All St. Petersburg ", Manege, St.-Petersburg, Russia Exhibition in an Manege , St.- Petersburg, Russia Exhibition in gallery "Shop of the artist ", St.-Petersburg, Russia Exhibition in USA, "St Petersburg Art revealed", Luke & A Gallery of Russian Modern Art, London ". "From Russia with Art" exhibition at Southwark Festival, Luke & A Gallery at Price Waterhouse Coopers, London Bridge, London". Exhibition in gallery "Kunstkaufhause ", Leipzig "Portrait", Russian Museum St.-Petersburg, Russia Christmas exhibition, Union of Artists, St.-Petersburg. 1999- Exhibition, gallery "Noname in art ", Rotterdam, Holland, 2000 Exhibition in gallery "Shop of the artist", St.-Petersburg, Russia "All St. Petersburg ", Manege, St.-Petersburg, Russia "Last pictures of the 20th century" , Union of Artists, St.-Petersburg, Russia 2001 Exhibition, "Gallery-51",Vageningen, Holland Personal exhibition in gallery "Art-city ", St.-Petersburg, Russia Personal exhibition in culture center "Agora", St.-Petersburg, Russia Personal exhibition in gallery "Art-collegium", St.-Petersburg, Russia Exhibition, "Abstraction in Russian art of 20-th century ", Russian Museum. The works of P. Veshchev are in collection of Russian Museum, St.-Petersburg. In private collections in Russia, USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Denmark, England, Holland, Sweden and other countries. E-Mail: pspav@mail.lanck.net

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