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Name   : Laura Massey
Location: Gardena CA 
  United States
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Massey,Laura-Purple Waterlily of Life
Purple Waterlily of Life / Other / 3003 x 2119 / Request Price

Description: Water Lily of Life

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Laura Massey

Laura Massey - Be Unique Designs Biography Laura is a gifted artisan, in both Jewelry design and photography. Although, her number one passion is photography, she still finds time to create Jewelry. ~Photography~ Her passion for photographing nature came to her when she was thirteen years old. This is when she purchased her first camera, a Kodak 110. Growing up in Los Angeles, Laura didn't have much exposure to wildlife or real nature. During the summer, her father would take the family camping. Laura and her sister loved to hike and explore. They would walk along nature trails, and squander off the beaten path hoping to find a new place of discovery. It was on one of those journeys that she stumbled upon a beautiful meadow. Laura could see rows upon rows of yellow and purple flowers. She was amazed by its magnificence, it was at that moment she became aware of her oneness with nature. "Many eyes go through the meadow, but few see the flowers in it" - John Burroughs, US essayist and naturalist, 1837-1921 When Laura takes a picture, she wants to capture that moment, isolating the object so that it stands out. What others may pass by, Laura stops and finds the beauty in it. Laura is by nature, a spiritual person, her work displays a style of its own, part whimsical, as well as conceptual. Her heart and soul goes into each photo. "The problems of the day just float away when I am sitting quietly with nature". Laura is a strong supporter of the Gardena Willows Wetland Preserve, "a hidden oasis within the city of Gardena, California". Several of Laura's photographs have been displayed at APC Fine Art Gallery, Torrance-CA. ~Jewelry Design ~ Her love of jewelry is what inspired Laura to create her own pieces. Many of her friends were amazed at some of the pieces she made, and offered to purchase them from her. Rather than accepting payment from her friends, she would often just give it to them as gifts. Laura has been creatively making jewelry for over five years. Laura's inspiration for both her jewelry and photography is the belief that "everything is inter-connected on a spiritual level". She believes that inspiring people along their path, is very important. She believes, that we create our destiny, that it is by our ego that we follow the dreams of others, rather than the dreams our spirit wishes to have.
Awakening the Spirit Being in with nature gives me a sense of warmth, like having a blanket around me on a cold winters night, it keeps me grounded spiritually. It reassures me that I am a spirit having a human experience. It helps me to open up and really hear, feel, see, and sense, the deep beauty within each of us. It is when we take the time to stop and appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us, that we will truly sense the oneness with nature. This awakens my true spirit, and all of the mindless thoughts and worries just fade away.
APC Fine Art Gallery - Torrance, CA

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