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Name   : Kolya Kushnir
Location: Smela  
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Kushnir,Kolya-The Pot-man
The Pot-man / Sculpture / 12x17x10 / 2300 USD

Description: A person can be filled with everything. In spite of strong wish to look modestly and respectable many people are very different inside from what they try to show others. A great example is a bureaucrat who is often filled with something. and it's not always money.

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Kolya Kushnir

KOLYA KUSHNIR Born in Russia, Engels on Volga, Kolya Kushnir spent his youth in St. Petersburg studying at the Academy of Arts and absorbing the magic atmosphere of the city of art and culture. He traveled a lot through wide stretches of former Soviet Union exploring life and customs in different corners of this huge country. It resulted in his marvelous ability to get on well with people from around the world, to understand their inner world. Now he is a resident of Ukraine, where he now lives and works. Kolya Kushnir, a full-time professional sculptor, took part in numerous exhibitions and holds honorable distinctions for his works of art. But his creations save explanations - every new look at them opens a new facet of hidden meaning and fascinates you with the original design. Kolya Kushnir is an artist with plenty talents; he works with different materials but bronze is his favorite one. His creations vary in size - from table artworks to outdoor sculptures, all composed to delight the eye and heart as well. The unique artworks of Kushnir grace collections of private collectors and connoisseurs of art that are looking not only for perfect professional fulfillment but also for deep implied sense. But what really draws attention to this brilliant sculptor is his ability to bring joy and delight into people's life - with his cheerful character, a keen sense of humor, delicate taste and spirit of innovation reflected in his works of art. CONTACT: http://www.kushnir.spb.ru/
Russian sculptor Kolya Kushnir avoids the trodden path of the official acknowledgment. Nevertheless, interest to his work does not decrease. Thanks to the width of a range and an exquisite sense of taste his creations decorate; moreover, they even form interiors and exteriors of rather elaborate and original buildings and fine squares. Kolya Kushnir's collections of the indoor sculptures that are more akin to the table jewel arouse great interest. Light humor and complex meaning of his works are often not guessed at the first sight that leaves space for associative imagination to the enthusiastic audience. What is common between the beautiful woman and a jewel - it is desire to possess...

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