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Name   : Stacy Franz
Location: Holt  
  United States
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  Self Portrait with Orange Monster
  Diversionary Tactics of Rabbit Leadership
TAN-Z / Mixed Media / 36 / $700 USD

Description: The struggle of decision-making. Facing a brick wall, being spit out of the "conformity" machine, but dealing with the anger of having to make so many choices, the looming fear of change, and responsibility to family.

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Stacy Franz

My artistic career began young, from drawing portraits of friends, to illustrations for parent/teacher invitations in elementary. I was invited to become a part of the Center for the Arts and Sciences in Saginaw MI, for the junior high years. I only went for the first year in fears of not fulfilling requirements for all areas of study from the basic school. In my year there I began sketching, experimenting with paints, stained glass, and photography. I went back my final year in highchool to fill the void that leaving created. I needed to create. I kept a creative backing through college but refocused it into 3D animation and graphic design, all the while painting one to three pieces a year, and taking the more traditional arts along with necessary design work. Today I work as a Senior Lead Designer at Novations Learning Technologies, an e-learning and performance improvement company in Lansing, MI. I am still painting and participating in the local arts through galleries and online communities.
My compositions are visions of people or ideas that blink in for seconds from a world not my own. This is my subject matter, slipped between the folds of time, seemingly not for the conscious mind to reveal. I sketch this, as soon as I can, or describe it in words to sketch later. Researching the subject matter helps as well, an environment or timeperiod, because of being such a quick flash, may need some grounding for similarity. I project sketches onto a canvas to get placement of focal point, or sketch another version directly on the canvas. Instead of working with empty ground, white canvas, I underpaint with a cadmium, yellow or red. The underpainting peeks through at times and gives a voice to the piece, a light from beyond. I start with acrylics to get an idea down quickly and color, but usually end in layers of oils for richness of color and blending quality. I work in an 11' by 20' studio in my home, and surround myself with objects, books, and shelves full of references from candles and lamps (to capture light on surfaces) to deities from multiple religions (to capture roaming spirits).
"Talking Through Hands" at http://www.artheap.com

Bare Bones Gallery Lansing Opening Show

"Secret Creatures" Self Show - Cat Gallery, Old Town Lansing


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