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  Senteur de Provence- Provence perfume

LUCAIN,Jocelyne-Seascape wake up
Seascape wake up / Painting Oil / 10F /

Description: painting oil with frame

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Artist Information:
Name   : Jocelyne LUCAIN
Location: Saint Germain les Arpajon  
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Jocelyne LUCAIN

Born in Belgium in 1955, I have always been fascinated by painting since I was a little girl. I started with some drawings at the age of 7 reproducing characters from comic strips (I was very influenced by my father who also has a passion for comic strips). I started gouache painting towards 12 years old. My parents immigrated in France when I was 13. In the high school where I studied, I had drawing classes and this is how I made my first steps and how I discovered oil painting at the age of 17-18. To see the picture entitled " Naissance de Venus de Boticelli" and " Les milles et une nuit" according to a postal card. "Oil painting : it's rather difficult but it's much more beautiful than water painting " this is one of my mottos. My dream would have been to go back to the "Beaux Arts" or a visual art school to exercise a profession of interior decorator or landscapist but the circumstances of life didn't give me the chance to do it ! I continued my way while trying to progress, to improve my painting, to get a style. However I lacked artistic advice and working on my own was rather difficult, that's why I was part of a Painter's studio (Shop of Nicole Sabatier) during 5 years. It is there that I learned a lot of things : the basic techniques that I missed. For the first time, I exposed my canvases in May 2000 in Ballainvilliers (next to Paris) where I sold 3 canvases and I am proud to say ! In 2001, again in order to find my own style, I made a training course of painting "living models" in Ardeche (South of France) in the Mill of Perrot with an artist painter : Michele TAUPIN well-known for her naked wives. I believe that at the end of this experience it was a revelation ! I have been captivated by Michele TAUPIN's painting! The beauty of her naked wives ! I had never made a sketch even less nude sketches but it allowed me to find my way ! My next pictures will certainly be on the theme of "nudity" feminine or masculine - Well to see ! I paint from photos, post cards, sea, mountain and country landscapes that I photographed along my walks during my holidays and I work from animals, comic strips or portraits. I also paint on request. Besides, I painted an Egyptian chariot (pastel and watercolours), a comic strips character Lance Dragon (colour pencils and pastel) for friends. I create and am inspired according to my emotions, my feelings of the moment, by my dreams while recreating an atmosphere, an imaginary world. The message I could convey : painting is a very good therapy to run away of one's daily train, to free one' s emotions.
Exhibition Expo2005 - Chemins du monde des Acadiens -Canada -New York -January 2005 to December 2005 Exhibition Gallery Reflections UK -Swansea - 15th January 2005 to november 2005 Exhibition France (South) - Avignon - March 2004 to November 2005 Exhibition France- (North )Halluin - Guest by Sophie Neirynck - 26 May 2004 to 06 June 2004

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