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Name   : Neo Matrix
Location: long beach  
  United States
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  Paisaje Espacial
Matrix,Neo-Me voy
Me voy / Photography / 875x1146 / freedownload

Description: digital photo photoshop edited

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Neo Matrix

Native: Colombia
hometown: California
Preferences: Art, Music & Digital World
Apreciation for Nature & Animals
Food: H2O, No-Kimikos
Interest: Freedom, Motorcycles, Movies, Musik and Abstract Technology
Lenguages: Espanol-Deutsch-English
Love: Familia, Friends, Nature
Weaknes: Many
freetime: Play games-Do nothing-watch videos-think what to do next-or think and see how lost i am into this life of games, Play musik, Do Art
dislikes: working odd jobs to pay bills
dificulties: to understand human greed
Fear: God
qualities: ask my friends.

Be yourself if you can dont let their FEARS to destroy you slowly in their little games.... and treat others the way Jesse James puts it:
"Treat every body as equal but give special treatment to no one"


detras del telon, ellos estan makinando sus juegos de destruccion

Ohne mich du kannst gar nix machen... und viceversa

Umbruch Galerie: Germany
Alberta Streets in Portland Oregon
Subways in Paris
y las mas Famosa de todas.... die Internet junge junge...jajaja!

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