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Name   : Kimelfeld Serge
Location: Kiev  
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  castle of jasper
Serge,Kimelfeld-sigarette  box
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Description: sigarette box

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Kimelfeld Serge

My name is Sergey. I live in Kiev, Ukraine and it is been eight years since I got involved in jewelry making. It all started as a way to earn an extra income although in our post-Soviet society hand work does not pay. By the time I understood this, l have fallen heads over hills with this wonderful craft full of traditions, culture, knowledge, fables, myths and god only knows what else. I am a one person company: I do it all by myself. Although I am sure you have been to other sites dedicated to jewelry making, you probably havent run into something quite like this. So, I hope you will enjoy it. I work in a traditional media: all pieces are cut and processed manually and installed in a silver or gold setting. You will see that each piece is unique. Although I try to never repeat myself in my works, you will most likely recognize my style in each piece I make. I created this site to introduce the art of jewelry making to those who are interested and to engage in a dialog about it. I even hope that it will inspire you to engage in a wonderful art of jewelry making. I welcome any advice from other jewelry makers around the world, including questions, comments, or recommendations from anyone who is fascinated by this wonderful form of art. Jewelry making is a planet with its own geography, its oceans and continents, its exotic islands and peninsulas, its shining peaks and sometimes boring valleys. And naturally, on this planet there is room for its own yet to be discovered lands. So, through my work and to the best of my abilities I am trying to discover my own piece of land, my own island, or my own Terra Incognita. For me, jewelry making is not just means to make a living (a hack of a proposition under the current Ukraines socio-economic conditions), but is also an enjoyment, a hobby and a tremendous outlet for creative juices. It is a part of my life that provides an enormous satisfaction, gives me tremendous joy and a sense of accomplishment. Another words, I dont make jewelry to live, I live to make jewelry, and I hope it comes across through my works. Having said all this, I certainly welcome orders too. On my site you can order pieces from the catalog as well as custom jewelry made specifically for you from stones and metals selected by you. We can also design together: your creative ideas combined with my technique and style will produce one of a kind unique piece that is owned only by you and is reflective of your personality and individual character. So, get comfortable in front of your screen and embark on an exciting journey in search for your Terra Incognita. Smooth sailing! Also, if you want to drop me a line, please e-mail: MAIL TO: kimel@mail.ru

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