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Name   : Sylvie Robert
Location: Miami Beach  
  United States
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  Sylvie's Angel
  L' Exposition
Meditation / Digital Art / 55 /

Description: Original Digital Painting on Canvas By French Digital Artist Sylvie Robert http://www.sylvierobert.com

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Sylvie Robert

sylvie@the-beach.net__________ Sylvie Robert was born in Paris in 1964. She was exposed to art early due to her family's interest in antiques and fine art. She was raised in a home full of paintings, sculptures and fine furnishings. Sylvie followed her mother Nicole in appreciation of collections covering the most important art auctioneers such as Sotheby and Christy's. Her love develops mostly in the areas of figurative Art (realism), first classic then contemporary. Although degreed in business administration, Sylvie has accelerated her passion for art thought the use of modern computer technology. Refining her classical and esthetic taste she has develop a fantasy vision that would make Salvatore Dali jealous as she continues her experiments in digital imagery. Her works are a fusion of dimensional speech that evolve thought time and space covering "expressionism ipormali" (ipoformal expressionism) and post realism. She mixes emotions of the purest esthetics with the timeless recognition of the evolution in technical landscape reaching the ultimate in contemporary digital expressionism.
DIGITAL ART What is Digital Art? Digital Art is simply a newest method that contemporary artists use to express his or her creativity through the medium of the computer, which renders traditional art to a superior degree. This computer medium highly expands the normal use of color and brushes. Millions of colors, shadows, fine details, dimensional exaggerations make it the ultimate tool for expression. The traditional methods of canvas and brush will soon be passe and only used in reference to ancient art history. This computer medium brings the future closer to an unbelievable and unimaginable frontier of beauty. For the conservatives refusing to understand this reality surely means a narrowing of Their psyche and art/life experience. These critics usually comment, "This art is not real art because it is done with A computer". Let us think and reflect for a while between the two mediums, in the first case a painter creates a design on a canvas and paints it utilizing brush and colors. In the second, the digital artist designs with a mouse (electronic brush) onto the computer screen finally passing it from digital screen to canvas. Who decides that one form is more acceptable and the other less? Both forms carry to canvas the fantasy, taste and talent of the artist. At the same time that we debate let us understand that by giving a person a brush, the palette and canvas he or she does not immediately become a Dali . This also holds true for the Digital Arts. Acquiring a computer and a graphic program Do not make one an "artiste". Thanks to this medium a great artist would produce an amazing results to the eyes and mind. To those who have seen the future they understand that the medium has already Revolutionalized the future of Art. Sylvie Robert has joined the elite class of those in this field. Her elegant use of color combined with fluidity of forms and her originality of backgrounds (neoclassic and futuristic) will delight even the hardest critic. Owning a painting by Sylvie Robert is not only a good investment and pleasure but also a glimpse into the world of fantasy and good taste.

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