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AGENCY CULTURE AND IT'S POP NARCOTIC by Keith Wigdor / Collage and Montage / /

Description: Surrealist/Anarchist Photomontage from 2003

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Artist Information:
Name   : Keith Wigdor
Location: Staten Island  
  United States
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Keith Wigdor

KEITH WIGDOR SURREALIST My name is Keith Wigdor. I am a Surrealist. I intend to invade your mind and DESTROY LOGIC!!! That is the purpose of my work and I continue working in Photomontage and Collage, Digital Art, Abstract Oil on Canvas and Automatic Ink Drawings too. My creative output also includes Science Fiction Art (and Psychedelia), along with Dada and Political-Satire Artworks as well. I am the organizer of the past online internet event, SURREALISM 2003, where I featured many surrealist and surreal artists (and poets) including: Gregg Simpson-(Legendary Surrealist from Canada), Oleg Korolev, David Magitis, Peter Lewis, Hiroshi Matsushita, Pauline Jones, Hisham Zrake, Andrey Doukhan, Daniel Bonato, Luc Langlois, and Andrew Penland. I have been featured in two issues of CHURN ART MAGAZINE, http://www.churnmag.com (I appeared in the same issue with the award winning-surrealist artist H.R.GIGER and Collage Master,Peter Lewis, also legendary surreal horror artists CANIGLIA and MIKE BOHATCH, both are friends as well). I was on exhibit last year online at THE HAMMOND GALLERY, for their virtual art event, THE SEVERED GARDEN, the URL is: http://www.hammondgallery.co.uk, go to, "THIS FOLIAGE WILL CONSUME YOU" to see two of my artworks, "ETERNITY DREAMS" and "JENNIFER" both are Digital Artworks. I am also a regular featured artist on THE HAMMOND GALLERY as well. I have been creating artworks since 1998, a desire to show the world my work which I had put off since 1985! I have many artist friends from all over the world and I am now currently working in Photomontage. In 2001, I did the cover art for the SFWA, THE SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY WRITERS OF AMERICA, a magazine called, "THE BULLETIN", winter 2001 issue and I also provide artwork for independent underground writers, (BRUTAL DREAMER), on the internet as well. "DARK SURREAL" is an art chapbook from 2003, that I collaborated on with my best friend, surreal horror artist, David Magitis. My art has been featured in CD-ROM Format, "THE IDEA", an Electronic Arts E-Zine published in a CD-ROM Zine from New Delhi, India back in 2001. I have been a contributor to past issues of the online zine, THE DREAM PEOPLE, http://www.dreampeople.org. My art has also been featured in pdf.format in the online chapbook, "DEAD IN 13 FLASHES" and is available from THE DREAM PEOPLE. I have also created art for the website of the Industrial/Trance band from Toronto,Canada, DISTANT SUN. I am now working primarily in Surrealist Photomontage and I collaborate with various underground and independent small press on the Internet, as well as other websites such as ORIONS ARM and THE DOORS4SCOPYWAG. I will continue to work primarily in Surrealism and maintain my creative ouput in other areas of interest as well for many more years to come! Thank You, Keith Wigdor, Surrealist
To invade your mind!

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