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Lecreux,Pasquale-1 Jeans ou 2
1 Jeans ou 2 / Painting Oil / / 920 ?


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  david dort

Artist Information:
Name   : Pasquale Lecreux
Location: Conde sur l'escaut  
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Pasquale Lecreux

The Art Work of Pasquale Lecreux It's a lightly shadow, a filly dark night. An explosion shattering, flashing stetting out explosion. And it's flesh too, flesh still wrapped up in veils of past lives, dreamt, crashed, forgotten lives and somewhere behind the skin tight jean, reflect on hard and damp marble of a nymph body, new, a heart beats..... A heart beats !! A heart beats !! Armies burst to life, bees in their hives, warps in their webs. Not warps\ , not bees, ready to spread out their fragile crystal wings for an unique\ flight. Those which survive really survive, exploding their life, fertilizing the earth where they lay down, for eternity. What then the powerlessness of his who has only words, with their limits, their borders, their poor juggling of sentences ? The strength of the artist is in his stomach. In his stomach which tight ns painfully, till it twists itself, till it rolls in the spring and in the days till it can't stand it anymore and it comes out by itself, till it takes up all space, eating the canvas, imposing itself, as if, himself, the artist doesn't understand anything anymore and looks on like his own audience at his creation, as if all that hadn't boiled in him, fermented, grown, as if all that hadn't built in him, feeding on every hour, every minute, every second of a life. Sure he doesn't ever know it, but his paintings, his drawings, his works, there is his memory. Any thing more, too, any thing more. Behind the tight jean, behind the move, behind the colour which sometime shines, that lining up to eternity, those metamorphosis, those suspended moments, those captured cries, the Artist Pasquale Lecreux, her anger, her move, her heart. That beat, you hear it ? That beat ! A heart ..................
1986 Chenal '86 Pablo Picasso (Denain) Le jeux des Arts (Palais Rihour Lille) IMAGIMER (BouIogne sur mer) TOUCY ( 3eme prix de peinture Spor'art festival ) Chaises au musee Lille, Henin-Beaumont. Berck. 1987 L'art en ville ( Onnaing ) Decor de scene ( G A M ) Mecene 1987 ( Anzin ) College Paul Edouard ( Beuvrages ) 1988 Feminin Singuliers ( Pablo Picasso Denain. Anzin. Hautmont ) Etend'Art G.R.A.P Hommage a Jules France ( Anzin ) Mecene '88 ( Anzin ) Galerie 75 ( Valenciennes ) Video de Philippe Basquin 1989 De Boite a Boite (Musee de beaux-arts BouIogne sur mer) 1990 Retro Perspective (Chateau Dampierre Anzin) 1991 C.M.A. Chateau Desandrouins (Valenciennes) Exposition a la Galerie 75 ( Valenciennes ) 1992 Participe aux Europeennes de l'Art en Thierache. Exposition aux musee de Vervins Decor VAL'SCENE ( Valenciennes ) 1993 Achat de la Ville de Valenciennes Exposition a la Pyramide de Marly Decor pour le Theatre Veil Escaut ( Valenciennes ) Participe aux Europeennes de l'art en Thierache. 1994 Exposition dans une Galerie parisienne Exposition dans une Galerie a Wolfsburg en Allemagne Participe aux Europeennes de l'art en Thierache. 1995 Participe aux Europeennes de l'art en Thierache. 1996 Exposition a la Galerie 75 Valenciennes 1997 Exposition a la Galerie 75 Valenciennes Exposition a Paris 1998 Participe aux Europeennes de l'art en Thierache Exposition en Allemagne a Rastatt 1999 LynnArt Gallery a San Diego USA 2000 World Wide Art Resource 2002 Galerie Schemes Lille France 2003 New York USA Galerie d'Art et d'Essais -- Le Portel-Plage

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