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Location: California City CA 
  United States
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  Blue Lagoon 1
Foreplay 1 / Painting Oil / 10X10 / 875 USD

Description: Oil on glass Original, 2/1995

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The artist belongs to the most creative minds in the contemporary art and media world today. After almost becoming a physician, he studied philosophy and languages, became a journalist, writer, TV producer, TV host, director of programming of a TV broadcasting company, movie director and commercial pilot, he started working on oil paintings, pastels and sculptures in late 70s. Pierre A. Kandorfer (born 1943) produced hundreds of TV programs on arts and media, taught aesthetics of design and filmmaking in Dusseldorf, and wrote or published a series of books. His main work "Textbook of Filmmaking" (Media-Book Publishing) experienced five editions and is considered the most successful book on creating a movie in German history. Pierre Kandorfer traveled throughout Europe, the USA and parts of Asia. He received most of his artistic inspirations on his countless extensive trips to Vienna, Berlin, Madrid, London, Paris and New York. The Austrian-born (half Austrian - half French) artist is an US citizen living and working in Southern California. He is a truly international figure, a Pan-European American trying to combine the cultural heritage of the Old World with the vision of the new one. Pierre Kandorfer has received a number of national and international awards, and is considered one of the really multi-talented cultural personalities left whose creativity is not limited to one form of expression. He does not have "one style" but is working on a series of artistic expressions. "Good art cannot be limited to one single form. Art is like music. Even though I am enchanted by Chopin's piano concerto, I still like a good jazz, rock or other kinds of good music," Pierre Kandorfer says. His 7th book is a political satire. His web site PierreKandorfer.com provides complete information about it. After moving from Los Angeles to California City, he is mostly focusing on his at least three of his passions: flying airplanes, writing books - and painting. "The tranquillity of the Mojave High Desert at the foothills of Sierra Nevada is for me the perfect place to stay creative for years to come."
I say what I mean - and I mean what I say. Art is not a by-product of a creative inspiration - it is a creative inspiration. You are not an artist just because you joined a trend. You might be an artist because you initiate a trend. You are an artist - or you are not an artist. There is nothing in between.
Los Angeles, CA Bakersfield, CA Cologne, Germany

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