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Name   : Christopher English
  United Kingdom
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English,Christopher-Door face - Shield
Door face - Shield / Painting Oil / 48 inch x 36 inch / N.F.S

Description: DREAM LANDSCAPE. Sometimes, the mellow flame of memory Flickers from that furnace of my heart. A potent force spills Over into a volcanic froth, And I am aglow within, Turning myself inside out into the realm of dreams, where you always were; And there you are always. My fantasy swan, a graceful beauty That is indeed a reality In make believe; so, like a fool, I pine inside, for a memory. Myself, a two faced clown Not showing how I feel. Instead, in dreams and in so called "reality" I hide behind doors and shields

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Christopher English

During my education I attended two boarding schools. I left school in 1968 and went to train as a drawing office tracer in Leeds. I then went to live in Harrogate in 1970. I started work at that same time for a company of chemical combustion engineers. I started writing poems and painting in oil colours in my spare time. To follow my interest in painting I went to art school in the evenings. I had a lot of encouragement from various poetry events, workshops, friends etc. I was made redundant from work in 1985 and decided that there was no future for me in drawing office work. I wanted to get a degree in fine art. I did a foundation course in art at Harrogate Art College. I then went on to do a Fine Art Painting degree at Loughborough University, where I graduated in 1994. Besides exhibiting my paintings at various exhibitions, I have self published a book of my poems and paintings, which I up date as I produce new work. The book title is: `A King Rose to build a Palace.' and is available from myself upon request via my web site.
I show the symbolic images in my paintings as a complement to the imagery evoked in my poems. Ideas for the symbolism in my art derive from my poetry. Content of artwork is allegorical, full of metaphor, connotation and ambiguity. I start a painting with a combination of several images from a poem. Discovery and suggestion from my imagination emerge during the painting process and are a supplement to the poetry. The result has the intrinsic value of both poem and painting. Indeed, I show where the ideas in the paintings came from, hence the publication of my poems and paintings together.
I am a member of a group of local artists that exhibit in local galleries and the local community. Web site address: http://www.artspace-lboro.co.uk/index.html

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