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Name   : Javier AZURDIA
Location: Guatemala  
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AZURDIA,Javier-Tribute to Woman II
Tribute to Woman II / Drawing / 10 x 10 / US$ 600

Description: Tribute to Woman II (Homenaje a la Mujer II) (Pencil on paper) (Lapiz) (10 x 10 inches) (25.5 x 25.5 cms.) La Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, 2005

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Within the contemporary plastic panorama emerges the work of the Chilean-Guatemalan painter, Javier Azurdia (1961). After residing in Europe for almost 10 years, his renewed interest in Guatemalan traditional colorism, brought him to Guatemala in 1988, where currently resides. Azurdia revitalized the traditional oil techniques through his pictorical stratus technique. Azurdia's work has been rewarded in Florence, Rome and Guatemala. He has exhibited in France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Chile, and the United States. In Guatemala, his art has delighted us on several occasions in galleries as important as the Ixchel Museum, The Attico, The Tunnel, El Sitio, and the National Fine Arts School of Guatemala (ENAP), among others. His works can be found in many private collections in Latin America, Europe and the United States. After exhibiting solely in Europe between 1982 and 1986, Azurdia received a grant for achieving superior studies in the Fine Arts Academy in Florence, Italy, where he obtained a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts (1986) and later a Masters degree in Art Restoration from the International University of the Art, Florence, Italy-UIA-(1987). After being immersed for nine years within the digital world, Azurdia returns with a new proposal of forces and tensions, and a greater emphasis among the dynamics of colors. He presents a work that attempts to understand the lighting of color (illuminist), and tries to preempt these shades lighty through oil on a canvas full of texture and through his new digital art on canvas.
His work projects a particular way of looking at the world, with an inner vision which, at times, seems visceral and speaks of an inextinguishable, unique rhythm of diaphanous syntaxis, accompanied by indecision and repentance, allowing us to perceive an intimacy, a unique feeling, to bring us closer together, to feel more human, perhaps older, but new and renewed. His works of art can be found in many private collections throughout Latin America, Europe, and the United States. From 1982 to 1986, he exhibited exclusively in Europe. With a scholarship, he studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Florence, Italy, where he obtained a BA degree in Fine Arts (1986) and an MA in Art Restoration at Florence International University of Art, UIA (1987). In Guatemala Rafael Landivar University, he studied architecture, from 1979 to 1981. An important part of his work involves his passion for teaching plastic arts, art history, and advances in digital technology. Hence, for the last ten years, he has carried out training sessions, workshops, and courses in Guatemala and Europe. After being immersed in digital technology for the last nine years, Azurdia has assimilated and profoundly understood this activity. He blends, combines, and develops this art form, resolving forms through color, pictorial layers and transparencies; colors are toned and developed until they take shape. Patches, spots, and figures become interwoven and expand diaphanously, in diluted nostalgia. Azurdia free hand totally blurs landscapes, providing them with a light, musical sensuality of sorts, in ethereal surroundings, full of lights, color, and contrasts. These techniques are conceived to operate carefully within a sensorial, intelligent, very human world, inter-relating imagination and sensitivity. Full of forces and tensions, mainly emphasizing color dynamics, these are works of art which attempt to understand illumination through color and try to appropriate these nuances. The observer feels Azurdia devotion to his materials, his evolution not only as a digital designer, but as a painter whose artistic objectives express intentions which are not so innocent, but are profoundly human and universal. He radiates certainty in form and love for his art form; he forgets about making mistakes, about being up-to-date or contemporary. Spatial disproportions are his plastic architecture for managing space and color. Color and illumination, with dazzling detail, light precipitating and blending into a series of tone variations, in contrasting dark, violet, purple, and blue spots, lands which hide in the clouds of his inspiration. Bodies are engendered from the chaos of matter and energy, almost occult, sketched, referred to an emotional pictorial moment, approaching the feminine hemisphere. He makes us levitate in an organic whole, he delicately transports us to a space where our affection is softly enticed through color. We also find reality and dreams, an imaginative argument clearly touched by the human condition. His themes seek an intelligent world, the destiny of humanity is re-created and resides here, away from concepts and ideologies, with a transfigured memory. Having entered art at an early age, this self-taught creator, architect of sorts, studied Fine Arts in Florence where he moved from academia to hiper-realism, from the concrete to the illusory, from reality to ovirtuality. Rather than transcending, he creates unedited, current poetry, with fear, tenderness, strong color tones, producing a story about the very relation between the artist and his feelings, mimetic and extremely internal. Azurdia paints with alert placidness. Yet, there is torment and suffering between the lines, and there is an artist moved by man and his humanity in this era. He presents the moment with glazes which confuse the exquisite quality of all things voluptuous and emotional; titillation of the flesh, sensuality with inadvertence. It is as if he were attempting to face us with the very sound of this life, this world, this planet. He accelerates and dilutes all this, as if trying to make us listen to the rhythm of our planet and our hearts, in syntony with all the rest. Carla Brunitto, La Antigua Guatemala, June 2003
2005 Exibition at JADITE Gallery, New York, USA Exhibition at the NATIONAL HISTORIC MUSEUM, Santiago, Chile 10 world artists for the 2005/2006 online exhibition sponsored by Noosa & AOR Galleries, Australia http://artday.org Online exhibition http://artistsownregistry.com/ja1javierazurdia.htm Online exhibition http://www.artelista.com/autor/7014459778096054-azurdia.html Online exhibition http://espectro.com/javierazurdia/index.htm Online exhibition at the Cruz Herrera Museum http://www.museocruzherrera.com/promocion_de_artistas/pintura/oleo/artistas/javier_azurdia/index.html Online exhibition www.visionarte.com/visionarte/Paginas/Indivisio.html 2004 Exhibition at JADITE Gallery, New York, USA Registered artist in MOLAA - Museum of Latin American Art, USA Online exhibition at www.oilpastelsociety.com/jazurdia.htm Exhibition & sale at www.elsitiocultural.org/artistas.htm Guest artist at the XIV BIENAL DE ARTE PAIZ, Guatemala Online exhibition at www.imagesofeyes.com/nudes/azurdia.htm Online exhibition & sale at www.dimensionearte.it Online exhibition & sale at www.interarteonline.com/Javier_Azurdia.htm Exhibition & sale at www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/j/javierazurdia Online exhibition at desdelaplastica, Argentina http://www.desdelaplastica.com.ar/artes/pintura/artistas/azurdia_javier/pagina/azurdia_javier.htm Artist member of the Group ARTNEXUS www.artnexus.com Link to www.arteycreatividad.com Permanent exhibition & sale at LA VETRINA DELL'ARTE Gallery, (Artist's gallery) La Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala Permanent exhibition & sale at the WER Gallery, La Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala 2003 Exhibition Guest Artist at PAIZ Art Foundation, Guatemala Artist member of ARSLATINA GROUP, Chile Digital exhibition & sale at www.arslatina.com Exhibition & sale at the ARSLATINA Gallery, Cultural Center of Las Condes, Santiago, Chile Artist member of the list of the FINE ARTS NATIONAL MUSEUM OF CHILE, Chile Exhibition & sale at the PINACOTECA Gallery, Chile 2002 Guest Artist III BIENAL OF VISUAL ARTS OF CENTRAL AMERICA ISTHMUS, Nicaragua Design, setup & digital exhibition in personal web site www.arteja.com Third place Guest Artist Painting Contest at the XIII BIENAL OF ART PAIZ, Guatemala Permanent exhibition & sale at the WER Gallery, La Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala 2001 Guest artist at the III INTERNATIONAL BIENAL OF CONTEMPORANY ART, Florence, Italy 2000 Guest artist at the XII BIENAL OF ART PAIZ, Guatemala Permanent exhibition & sale at the WER Gallery, La Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala Personal exhibition at the El RODEO Gallery, Beverly Hills Drive, California, USA Exhibition & sale at the SIRIACOS Gallery, Guatemala 1999 Personal exhibition at the EL SITIO Gallery, La Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala 1998 Permanent exhibition & sale at the EL ATTICO Gallery, (Artist Gallery) Guatemala 1993 Personal exhibition at the El RODEO Gallery, Beverly Hills Drive, California, USA 1991 Organizator & Exhibitor CENTRALAMERICAN CONTEMPORANY PAINTERS, sponsored by UNESCO and Central American Countries, Guatemala 1990 Group exhibition in GUATEMALA & IT??TS ART, US Embassy, Guatemala Design & art personal exhibition ??oDesign & Art??? at the W&G IBERICA, Madrid, Spain Guest artist at the FALL FESTIVAL, Art organization, UFM, Guatemala 1989 Personal exhibition at EL TUNEL Gallery, Guatemala POR AMOR AL ARTE Group exhibition, La Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala Personal exhibition at the IXCHEL MUSEUM, Guatemala Permanent & sale exhibition in INTERIORS Gallery, Guatemala 1988 CONTEMPORANY ART EXHIBITION in Dammarie les Lys, France 1987 Personal exhibition at the IXCHEL MUSEUM, Guatemala Personal exhibition at the NATIONAL FINE ART SCHOOL OF GUATEMALA, ENAP, Guatemala 1986 Group exhibition at the IL PERSEO Gallery , ??oAllievi delle Scuola d??Tarte di Firenze, Florence, Italy 1985 Four Artists at the AAB Gallery, Brescia, Italy Personal exhibition & performance at the Artistic Center ARCI, Prato, Italy 1984 Personal exhibition at the CHRISTIAN GEAUX HOUSE Affresco techniques, Locarno, Switzerland 1983 Third place in the painting & sculpture contest at the IL CENACOLO Gallery, Florence, Italy Design & exhibition at the PITTI OUMO, Florence, Italy Second place at the IV painting contest FRANCESCO GRANACCI, Florence, Italy 1982 XX INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION, Rome, Italy Group exhibition at the COMPAGNIA DEL PALLAIOLO Gallery, Fine Arts Academy, Florence, Italy 1981 Personal exhibition at the INGUAT Guatemalan Tourism Commission, Guatemala Personal exhibition at the S.D. of Guatemala, Guatemala 1970 2 Personal exhibitions at the Salvador Sanfuentes School, Santiago, Chile

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