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jean francois,muller-acrylic
acrylic / Painting Acrylic / 50=50 / 2.00.00

Description: Plantation Two This is my second plantation this one doesn't have houses but it still have sizzling food it is all dillious plant ready to ripe AND BECOME GREAT snacks, food what every you want it to be. Item Price Acrylic on Canvas 50''50 $2,000.00

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Artist Information:
Name   : muller jean francois
Location: newark NJ 
  United States
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muller jean francois

You've seen the art of Jean Francois Muller, and his collection of paintings by many artists; now it's time to meet the man. Jean was born on May 25, 1964 in Cap-Haitian on the Island of Haiti. His interest in art has been life-long, beginning with the appreciation of many artists, both famous and lesser-known, including several friends who were also artists. From this inspiration and working mainly on natural landscapes. Jean decided to pursue a career in art in 1980, leading to a fine-tuned development of his own style. Competitions followed. In 1985 he made his professional debut by taking part in a competition at the gallery featuring the art of Des Trois Visages (The Three Faces). Later that year, he competed in an Ajapka Association of Art sponsored event in Cap-Haitian. In 1992, Jean Francois Muller immigrated to the United States, settling in Newark, New Jersey. Preferring panoramic countryside landscapes, and approaching his art through "positivity." Muller instantly began to work in acrylics and oils, preferring a primitive approach. In 1995, he was featured in an art exhibition in East Orange, New Jersey. Since coming to New Jersey he has become a serious art collector and expanded his style to include architectural paintings. He has also expanded into reproduction work of classical paintings, mostly from an intuitive sense that he could do it well. His favorite colors to work with are red, yellow, blue and black. These colors dominate most of his artwork.www.artistpaintingonline.com artistmuller p o.box 20216 newark n j. o 07101
ARTIST JEAN FRANCOIS muller 973)9260204 PHONE FAX 973)9260205 I want you to take my art because I believe in my art, and hopefully when you see my art you'd propubly believe in it too. you can reach me at artist muller internationally on line wwwartistpaintingonline.com an and finally. I work in a studio make shows in every studios, and we also become interviewed in television and commercials mostly on haitian T.v.
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