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Name   : Manish Khara
Location: Mumbai  
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  Morning Walk
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Pleasures / Painting Acrylic / 12 inches x 9.75 inches / 2400 USD

Description: Sense pleasures and spiritual pleasures are presented against each other in this painting. On one side a bottle of liquor, a beautiful lady and tasty scintillating food items are painted. To contrast these sense and indulging pleasures with Spiritual pleasures on the other side, an austere's bed, a meditation seat, incense sticks with their stand and a mirror are presented. A mirror represents introspection or self analysis on the spiritual path. Incense represents faith and devotion. The lady's picture in the painting is reflective of attraction for sensual pleasures, constraints of society and the lady's personal enigma. The liquor bottle is painted large to represent that drinks can sometimes have enormous importance in an individual's life. The food is especially painted with attractive colors to represent delicious varieties that satisfy and scintillate taste buds. The incense sticks and thier stand are painted much bigger in sizes to elevate the nature of devotional pleasure against sensual pleasures. Austere's bed is presented small and is illustrative of the importance of rest but it cautions one against excessive rest that can amount to lethargy or laziness. Meditation seat is presented cushioned with attractive shades to represent high meditative pleasures. The mirror has been painted especially attractive with fabulous colors and shades to highlight the value of inrospection and illustrates that moral and ethical values should be valued high in an individual's life. The painting is done in Abstract, Representational and Expressionism styles. This painting is done with high quality American Acrylic colors on paper and is approximately 12 inches by 9.75 inches in size. Some additional paper margin is present on all four sides of the painting. This additional margin can be utilized for framing purposes or it can be simply cut off as per the buyer's preference. The color effects are marvellous in this painting and at places they look quite luminous and lucid. The painting is signed on the back by the creator artist. Note that actual colors and shades in the painting may be slightly differnet than those appearing in this digital image or photograph since this picture of the painting is taken with a high quality digital camera. Picture is not doing justice to the original painting in expressing the art.

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Manish Khara

Name : Manish D Khara A Brief Introduction : I am a connoisseur of art and a very good artist. I have been creating paintings, my exquisite works of art for more than 22 years now. Scenes of Nature, Natural Objects, Nature, Objects, Representation of abstract art in objects, Still Life and portraits are my favorite subjects for painting. I usually create my artworks with acrylic on paper, water colors on paper, oil on canvas and acrylic on canvas. My paintings are of exclusive and exceptional kind. The beauty, imagination, expression, individuality, colors, shades and art work as well as harmonious synthesis make my paintings rare ones. Detailed Introduction : I am an engineer and a computer software project manager educated in U.S.A. and India. I am a software professional and a businessman. Education : M.S.E. in Computer and Information Science from University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, U.S.A. [1987] B.Tech. (Honors) in Computer Science and Engineering from the reputed Indian Institute of Technology, India. Training : I have been trained from my very high school days in the art of paintings by renowned artists and painters of India. I have taken private classes and over years I have been trained in creating super fine professional quality plus level pieces of arts by various good artists. Profession : With over 18 years of experience in the computer software field I have resigned as Head of Software Development to start my own business. My love for art was a part of the reason that I have now started my own business. Now I can devote more time to my passion of creating art works, namely paintings. Over past year I am able to devote a lot of time for creating paintings and works of arts. I plan to continue giving a lot of time for creating art works at present and in future. Objective : The successful professional and businessman has decided to sell some of his works of art at appropriate and low prices to the International Art Lovers and the Art Collectors. It is my desire that my works of art be preserved by the community of genuine connoisseurs of art, art lovers and art collectors of the world. This is the primary reason why I am now selling some of my creations of arts, namely paintings at reasonably low prices to genuine art and paintings buyers. My paintings are of exclusive and exceptional kind and are very good creations of art.
Manish has been creating paintings, his exquisite works of art for more than 22 years now. Scenes of Nature, Natural Objects, Nature, Objects, Representation of abstract art in objects, Still Life, landscapes and portraits are his favorite subjects for painting. His styles include impressionism, realism, representational, surrealism, abstract art, art deco and expressionism among many others. Styles of his art works are similar to that of Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso. Manish usually creates his artworks with acrylic on paper, water colors on paper, oil on canvas and acrylic on canvas. Manish's paintings are of exclusive and exceptional kind. The unique beauty, imagination, expression, individuality, specific and unique combinations of colors, shades and art works as well as harmonious synthesis make his paintings rare ones. Manish expresses himself through the art with the usage of concepts in images, representations, colors and shade combinations, tones, glazing, matt and layered effects, pallet knife work, subtle handwork and variations and harmonious synthesis of colors and images in paintings. He also delivers his message through paintings, objects and images in the paintings, obvious and subtle selections of and variations in colors, shades and tones.

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