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Bud,Dartigues-The Soap Of Gauguin
The Soap Of Gauguin / Digital Art / 100x100 cm / 980 USD

Description: High definition printing on canvas, mounted on frame and limited to 5 numbered copies (without the symbol of protection). Comes with certificate "Digigrapghie" Epson.

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Artist Information:
Name   : Dartigues Bud
Location: Sabres  
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Dartigues Bud

After studding architecture, Benoît Dartigues quickly became an illustrator in advertising and the press where he illustrates many books for children. Today, at the opposite of these kindly pictures, he takes the name of Bud an reveals his craziest dreams.
It is true that women's magazines and advertising, mostly, requires us a certain "photoshoped" female cannon, made to caress the collective unconscious. Today, to enter this diktat of beauty, a woman must be skinny and the limit of thinness In contrast to this, in my imaginary fantasy, I give back to women's body shapes and generous callipygian they are entitled to claim and that many men expect. Then, of course, I exaggerate and I play those forms according to my wishes. In dream, nightmare or other fantasy, more attention to detail, the more fantasy seems real. That is why I attach great importance to work hyperrealism of my paintings to make my real body unlikely. Finally, if the female sex has some significance in my paintings is that it has its own beauty, which is never used in paint. And away from pornography, I try to make a new agreement to our Judeo Christians eyes.
08/24 to 09/02 2012 - Festival D'Art Erotique De Montréal. 12/12 to 12/16 2012 - Les Hivernales De Paris Est - Montreuil 04/26 to 05/01 2013 Salon d'art contemporain de La Bastille - Paris

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