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Name   : Linda Paul
Location: Lafayette  
  United States
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  Metaphor Set of 3 Original Paintings
  Heron Glass Art and Mirror with 23 karat gold and copper
Paul,Linda-Water Lilies - Contemporary Painting by Linda Paul
Water Lilies - Contemporary Painting by Linda Paul / Other / 12 x 24 2 / 699 USD

Description: This painting is so colorful with vibrant aqua turquoise brilliant greens and deep violet blues in the water. The gold flowers have flames of gold, amber and deep but transparent umber. The other two flowers are majenta and violet. its perfect for today's trends on decorating where aqua and turquoise are once again taking center stage. It has a high gloss finish This original work of art is painted on a 12" x 24" x 2" art panel/board. it is a solid surface. I began this painting, by creating an underlay of metals and then applying layers of intense transparent colors on top. The metals under the paint glint and sparkle like glass on fire. Depending on the angle of the light, the piece seems to dance with changing colors and internal light. It looks amazing in candle light too

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Linda Paul

Artist's Philosophy: In a society where everything seems so temporary, it is my philosophy and personal standard to create works of art that will last for hundreds of years. There is a saying in the studio, "We are Tiffany, not Kmart". This philosophy translates into everything that is created in the studio from the original paintings, frames, canvas prints and tile murals. Quality is everything! and I will only put my name on something that is the highest quality that can be achieved. You only get one life, so make the best of it and everything you do! Artist's Inspiration: I am inspired by so many things! I especially like nature's produce combined with its origins. I live to travel , especially in France & Italy and many of my paintings are inspired there. I do not paint from photographs. Rather, I collect vignettes or pieces of many different things that I like, and then in my mind I will put them together into a painting. Here is an example: My painting, "Everything Tuscany (below) is a collection of all my favorite Italian things: The little fat Italian chef statue I saw in Cortona, Italy, The basket of Chianti wine bottles is from San Gimignano, the ceramic vases I actually purchased in Montepulciano and had shipped home to America. The Tuscan landscape is from a drive to Monteciano, and of course the cheese and sausages are all over Montepulciano where we stayed for a week in a tenth century seminary. The arched tunnels are typical of Tuscan villages and make fabulous sheltered restaurants and shopping areas for Italian goodies! And then I will just add other things for balance and interest, like the wine barrels and the rooster.
Artists Statement When asked `What is your favorite painting', artist Linda Paul responds, `the next one I am going to paint!" Style: When people ask me what style I paint, its a two part answer that does not fits neatly into any one existing category. My work is a combination of "chunky realism" and impressionist painting. I like to juxtapose sculpted bas-relief products of nature (the chunky part) against soft impressionist landscapes of their origins.
Shows/Galleries/Exhibitions of Original Paintings: In addition to private commissions and corporate collections, including Kaiser Permanente and Roche Colorado, Linda Paul's work has been exhibited and sold in galleries and national juried shows including the following: Downtown Denver Arts Festival May 25-May 28, 2007 May 26-29, 2006 Downtown Denver Festival of The Arts September 10 & 11, 2005 Castle Rock Fine Art festival August 20-21, 2005 Golden Fine Arts Festival, Golden Colorado May 27th to 30th, 2005 Colorado Arts Festival - Denver Pavilions, Denver Colorado September 4, 5 & 6, 2004 Breckenridge Art Festival, Breckenridge CO July 30 - August 1 Downtown Aspen Art Festival July 9, 10 & 11, 2004 Colorado Springs Art Festival June 25, 26, & 27 2004 Vail Arts Festival, Vail Colorado May 28 to 31, 2004 Colorado Arts Festival, Denver Pavillions at 15th St, Denver Colorado May 16, 2004 Spring Preview Art Show & Sale Lafayette, CO December 6 & 7, 2003 Colorado Art Expo, Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO November 16, 2003, 5th Annual Art Soiree at Linda Paul's Studio August 30 to September 1, 2003 Manitou Springs Artists Festival, Manitou Springs, Colorado August 16 & 17, 2003 Golden Artists Festival August 2 & 3, 2003 Downtown Aspen Artists Festival, Aspen , CO July 11, 12, &13, 2003 Vail Arts Festival, Vail Colorado Winner of Best in Show for Painting at Vail! May 23-26, 2003 Celebrate Colorado Artists Festival - Denver, CO August 17 & 18, 2002 Golden Fine Artists Festival, Golden, CO September 7 & 8,2002 Castle Rock Art Fest, Castle Rock, CO August 10 & 11, 2002 Beaver Creek Art Festival , Beaver Creek , CO August 3 & 4 Crested Butte Art Festival, Crested Butte, CO July 13 & 14, Snowmass Arts Fair, Snowmass/Aspen, CO May 18 & 19, 2002, East Boulder County Studio Tour, Old Firehouse Art Center, Longmont, CO August 2001 Lakewood Artists Festival, Lakewood, CO August 2001 Celebrate Colorado Artists Festival, Denver , CO May 2001 Second Annual East Boulder County Studio Tour & Exhibition, May 2001 Northern Colorado Artists Association 9th National Exhibition: April 12-May19, 2000. 8th Annual tactile Art Show, Louisville Art Association, May 2000 First Annual East Boulder County Studio Tour and Exhibition, May 2000 Busch Gallery - Boulder, CO 1996-1999 Galerie du Bois - Aspen, CO 1996-1998 Post Impressionist Gallery, San Francisco, CA 1997-1998 Boulder Art Association 7th Annual National Juried Show, Boulder, CO 1998 Arts and Humanities Assembly of Boulder Artists Showcase, Boulder CO 1998 Benefit Gala for the Boulder Ballet featuring 6 top Colorado artists, Boulder, CO 1998 Knox Gallery - Denver, CO 1997 Two person show: Busch Gallery, Boulder, CO, October 3 to 31'st, 1997 Benefit Gala for Colorado Music Festival & the Boulder Ballet: Dec 11, 1997 Caravanaserai Gallery - Breckenridge, CO 1997-1998 CSK Gallery - Denver, Colorado 1996 Gallery East - Loveland, CO 1996 Thompson Valley Art Show - Loveland, CO 1996 Viansa Winery, Sonoma, CA: Solo Show 1996 Solo Show - Mediterrainea: San Francisco, CA 1995 KCBX Art Festival - Avila Beach, CA 1995 Artists Group Show - Food for Thought: Mythos Gallery, Burbank, CA 1995 EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning and Design, University of Sask., Canada 1982-1987 Boulder Academy of Fine Art, Boulder, Colorado 01/96-01/97 - Study of Classical Renaissance Figure & Portrait Drawing This is the story of Linda Paul's artistic journey: Linda Paul was an urban planner and developer in Ontario, Canada. She married and immigrated to the United States in the early 1990's and found herself without a green card. With boundless time on her hands, she spent many hours walking the beaches in the San Francisco bay area. She would pick up pieces of dried seaweed and examine their shape. Deciding the sea plants looked like people, she decided to haul some home and paint faces on them. If this sounds very childlike, it was! Having painted the faces, she needed something to stick the seaweed people in. Some plaster should do it. Then needing to paint the plaster, she bought some basic kindergarten powder in dark blue, and voila, her first piece of art was born. It really looked like something a six year old child had created, but it was exactly this innocence and complete freedom that led her on. Liking the texture of her first "creation" , her brain thought, "I wonder what some plaster carrots would look like on a board. Off to the lumber yard for plaster and the grocery store for carrots! Her second piece was called "Flying Carrots" (see below) Something in her mind just opened up like a tidal wave and she was smitten with creating. Liking the vegetable theme, she created three more sculpted vegetable pieces and boldly entered them in an art juried art show in Burbank , California. She knew right there that this was to be her new path in life. 12 years later, Linda Paul is now an internationally recognized and collected bas-relief and egg tempera painter.

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