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Name   : Tanima Bhattacharya
Location: Kolkata  
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  The Essence of Life-3
  The Essence of Life -1
Krishna / Watercolor / 11x15'' / Request Price


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Tanima Bhattacharya

In a party at 1990 , Mr. Francis Newton Souza met with Mr. Gaythondey . Souza was talkative and performing artist while Gaythondey was pretty calm person . Soyza said to Gaythondey that you found the beauty but still I am in search of it. Gaythondey told as philosopher , I only touch the beauty.........just touch it . Miss Tanima Bhattacharya was born in 1982 , in Gaya , Bihar. Ms Bhattacharya's primary education starts at Gaya , an Enlightment place of Buddha . She done her graduation from Gaya College , Gaya under Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya. Her primary Art education starts under the guidance of Dr. M.A. Qadir , H.O.D Faculty of Visual Art , Dr. Shivanand Art College, Gaya , under Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh. She done Diploma in Fine Art from this College . Further , she leaves the Gaya town for advance education to Kolkata . Here she study in the Indian Society of Oriental Art Institution, Kolkata. She passed the Diploma from this institution also. Then she feel that she want to study more about watercolor and she also learn the Watercolor & Acrylic from an eminent artist Mr. Arup Lodh. Young and talented artist Miss. Tanima Bhattacharya not only touch and found the beauty but she lives within the beauty . Her art is live & have stability with glory as well as she follows the essence of our land . In 1948, Revolutionary Saga Begans which has been established by Progressive Artist Group , Mr. Souza , Mr .Raza & Mr. Hussain . They work in co-ordination with Indian and Western style. Even after 60 years the dominance of western effect is still on the Indian art and artist, but Ms. Bhattacharya's work has a specific touch of Indian style . She work in Wash, Wash & Tempara , Water colour & Acrylic . She told that she enjoy to work Wash and Tempara style . She shows her inner emotions on various subjects which prove that she is not only an artist but also a thinker .
The pleasures and beauty of nature also act as a counterbalance to the tensions of modern city life. The artist feels that personal contact with nature is a way to refresh the spirit and regain contact with a greater scheme of things . To her , nature is a storehouse of moral and spiritual truths and provides a cradle for nurturing human activity. I n a reputed newspaper `The Telegraph' says - The amazing and colourful variety of birds to be found in the lap of nature dominates her canvases mainly done in watercolors ,wash and tempara , the express a fundamental unity with nature which city-bred mortals have lost . Another important theme handled by the artist is the constancy and continuity of nature with respect to time . The artist finds comfort in the inherent stability of nature , which finds expression in her paintings. In her concern one of the most popular artist of Kolakta Mr. Rabin Mondal says - ` She is intelligent ,hardworking and able to handle various media.She has special aptitude for line drawing , wash and tempara , watercolor & is capable of handling composition with delicate lines and colours.' One of the most eminent artist Sri Ajoy Kr. Ghosh also certify and says - `She is working in the field of Indian style of painting . I have seen her works and will be able to do better works in future. I wish her success in life.' The painter herself think that nature is one of the best friend of human being. We all teaches from the nature that how to survive but we do not think about the unity , which exist behind the nature. Her specific dexterity is to present the life from nature by different view point. When I think about this artist I feel proud to write about her. I see her works and really feel a satisfaction and comfort . I wish her every success in life. Mr. Rabindra Nath Bhattacharya Art Critic , Kolkata.
Solo show Srijanee , K.C.Pvt.Ltd. - 2007 Photographers'Gallery - 2009 Regular Participation Rajya Charukala Parshad, Academy Of Fine Arts Indian Society Of Oriental Art , Camlin Art Foundation Aranya (RAD), Avantika, Society Of Contemporary Artist, Golden Brush.

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